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Pulsar indigo animated

We are super excited to present our latest design and the beginning of the new PULSAR series!


Sometimes even we just stop and stare at the watchface! Well, the new PULSAR INDIGO is one of those watchfaces! With absolutely beautiful colors and overlapping pulsing animation, it follows the path set with our highly succesful "Pulse" series, but brings new graphics and functionality.

We have managed to incorporate frequently requested informations into the design layout, such as battery level, battery percent, day of week, date of month, numeric step counter, numeric BPM counter and many useful shortctus as well: Settings, Schedule, Weather, S-health Steps, S-health BPM and Alarm.

Check out the video to see it in action and look it up in Galaxy Apps!





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All watchface designs copyrights are owned by URARITY™. Copyrights on Samsung brand name and Samsung devices displayed on our illustrations are owned by Samsung and used with permission. Elements used in illustrations are obtained through legal stock graphics providers. All videos are property of URARITY™.

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URARITY is a Samsung certified commercial distribution seller. We design and develop original watchfaces for Samsung Gear devices.

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