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REACTOR7 is a modern animated watchface with a clear futuristic theme. In the background, a wild and very attractive plasma animation spins in a seamless loop, while the main area offers plenty of information presented in a combination of custom designed visual complications and square fonts.


The watchface includes 11 different backgrounds for the main area, as well as a clean and very power effective always-on screen for S2 and S3. The animations are rendered in high quality and extremely optimized to eliminate any negative effect on the battery life.


- battery complication

- BPM counter with a heartbeat-pulse animation

- step percent indicator

- seconds complication

- tap on the plasma animation to swap backgrounds

- AOD display

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All watchface designs copyrights are owned by URARITY™. Copyrights on Samsung brand name and Samsung devices displayed on our illustrations are owned by Samsung and used with permission. Elements used in illustrations are obtained through legal stock graphics providers. All videos are property of URARITY™.

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URARITY is a Samsung certified commercial distribution seller. We design and develop original watchfaces for Samsung Gear devices.

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